• About Me

  • What I do

    I enjoy capturing the feeling, emotions and stories that is in every day’s life, I call this Visual story telling.

    With this I show the beauty of the world and how interesting often the unusual or unnoticeable can be. I like to share this and make people enjoy. I want people to feel the photo, to enjoy the subject shown.
    With some photos I also hope to touch the viewer in such a way that the photo makes them think and maybe discover things about themselves through my photos. To achieve this I include every style of photography, because what is more beautiful than diversity, it is the basis of life.

  • How I do it

    The most important part of my photos take process is observing.

    Observing what is around me and let my senses trigger the shutter. I welcome the unknown and unexpected during my shoots, that is the essence of art and that is what tells the story. For this reason photoshoots are setup flexible to allow a spontaneous flow that captures the essence of life. I just define the big lines for myself and the artists  I am working with.

  • The tools I use

    I select the gear the moment requires and is available and/or allowed.

    This is a DSLR with a range of lenses, a pro compact camera, a basic compact camera  and even an iPhone. My portfolio is built-up over years, part of it is even taken by cameras that would not pass my quality demands of today, the same could be applicable for the iPhone 4s. But a good photo is not only defined by photo image quality, composition and subject are just as important, if not more, so they deserve to be shown. After a photo is taken, digital processing gets the photos in the optimum shape applicable for the context of the photo.

  • Where I am from

    I am a global oriented person with a Dutch passport living in the city of Utrecht region.

    Utrecht is a medieval city in the middle of the Netherlands, most famous for its Dom Tower, canals and Nijntje (Miffy). It forms a great starting point for each photograph journey, whether it is happening around the corner or at the other side of the world.

 … Visual story telling by observing, with the gear the moment requires and starting from the middle of the Netherlands

… The name “Dotamelo” is based on the nickname of someone I used to know. As a kid, the person used to love a chocolate called ‘Mello’ and her middle name was ‘Dorothy’, this combined made people call her ‘Dotamelo’